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A Guide to Choosing Your Family Dentist

June 9, 2022

Oral health is extremely important for all ages, and having a family dentist who knows your family history and gives everyone the care is incredibly helpful. A good dentist not only gives great care, but knows how to deal with each family member individually which greatly reduces dental anxiety. This makes for easier appointments and bigger smiles.

There are certain factors to be considered if you want to get a knowledgeable and friendly family dentist who will last beyond your baby teeth. This article will cover those factors so you can make sure you choose a quality dental provider.


First and foremost, you want to choose a dentist who has experience with family dentistry so you know you and your family will be getting the best care possible for everyone. Certification and qualifications are important and they will make sure the dentist is able to give you the thorough services that a family dentist needs to be able to provide high-quality dental care to their patients.

Breadth of Services

Having a dentist that provides all the services you need and more will be invaluable if emergencies or other issues arise. Finding a dentist that can meet all your requirements for services, such as root canals, teeth extraction, teeth cleaning and whitening, preventative care, cosmetic care, as well as periodontal care.

A proper professional teeth cleaning is important, but the family dentist should also offer a broad range of other dental services, so your entire family gets the proper dental care they need. You’ll want a family dentist that offers all types of services from restorative dentistry to teeth whitening to wisdom tooth removal so you’ll have one dentist that you can call on for all situations.


Creating a comfortable and stress free environment for every member of the family should be important to your dentist as some of your family may need help with their dental anxiety. A nice staff, clean and inviting waiting room and calming environment are essential for family members to make them feel safe and at ease.

Many children have a fear of the dentist and having a dentist with a calming demeanor and welcoming office atmosphere will go a long way to get rid of those fears. A nice atmosphere does much to help dental anxiety no matter what the age. Ensuring comfortability at an early age will keep them feeling safe and relaxed all through their adolescent and into adulthood in the dentist chair.


Being able to afford the services of the dentist you want is also essential when it comes time to choose who your family will be going to for their oral care. The cost of dental care varies from one doctor to doctor, especially depending on insurance. When looking for a dentist, if you have insurance make sure they are covered in your plan otherwise make sure you are able to afford them out of pocket.

Up to Date Technology

Dental care has changed much over the years and finding a dentist that is up to date on all the latest technology and procedures can mean you get thorough care and precise results. Having the latest equipment and resources will ensure you get the best care for you and your entire family. 

Emergency Services

Not without its importance, an emergency service in which you can reach your dentist’s office in case of a dental emergency that can’t wait. Cracked tooth, knocked out tooth, gum problems and intense unknown tooth pain can call for immediate attention. Having emergency services is a good way to show that your dentist is always available for you, as they should be.


When choosing a dentist, it’s always preferable to find someone that isn’t far away from where you live. The closer to your home, the more likely they will be in your insurance provider’s area of coverage and that their services will be included in the insurance plan. It also means if an emergency happens, you don’t have to drive far to get seen.

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