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Afraid of the Dentist? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

August 12, 2020

Most childhood fears die down as you grow older. But the fear of going to the dentist tends to stay with many people well into adulthood. You may have that faint memory of visiting the dentist when you were a child that mentally scarred you for life, it seems. Take comfort in knowing that you are certainly not alone. Dental anxiety is rather common for adults all over the world. Nonetheless, routine dental care is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and a vibrant smile – and luckily for you – it’s gotten a whole lot less scary in the modern era.

The universal factor of dentistry that causes fear among adults is pain. You may be dealing with or have dealt with a persistent toothache but were afraid to see a dentist because of fear of even more pain as a result. Instead, you allow the small problem to linger and become an even bigger problem and now you’re certain you need to see the dentist.

Modern Dentistry Has Become Safer and More Comfortable

The good news is that modern dentistry has evolved immensely in the past few decades.

Modern dentists have taken into account the fears and anxiety of their patients and have witnessed the decline of people willing to return for future appointments. All of these factors have fueled the world of dentistry to create a safer, more comfortable environment for patients. Fortunately, new research and techniques have paved the way for simpler treatments that can prevent infection or decay, making major dental work a last resort for patients. Dental offices have also incorporated modern technology making routine care more convenient and simple.

X-Rays Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore

I’m sure you remember those huge, uncomfortable X-Ray bites that used to be forced into your mouth by your childhood dentist. Well, those days are no longer. Now, most dental offices offer digital X-Rays which are much less painful than traditional X-Ray machines. The process is quicker, diagnoses are more accurate, and patients are exposed to less radiation.

State-of-the-Art Technology Means Dentistry Is Far Less Invasive

Another preventive measure that dentists are adopting is the use of intraoral cameras that can detect even the smallest of cavities. And these cavities can be treated with stronger fillings, crowns, and implants. Modern dentistry even allows dentists to print 3-D crowns immediately from their office, saving you a second trip to the dentist to complete the procedure. Thanks to these tools and advancements, patients are spared the extensive and expensive dental work such as extractions and root canals that used to be so routine.

Sedation Dentistry Is Always An Option

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough in the dental world would be the use of sedation dentistry. This type of dentistry is becoming more prevalent among adults because it allows you to have that smile you’ve always wanted without anxiety toward the pain that comes with it.

During sedation, you are free from the process of dental work and wake up to your new smile relaxed and anxiety-free.

Trust Us to Provide You a Worry-Free Dental Experience

If you’ve been looking for a sedation dentist near you, highly skilled and trained dentists here at Carrie Muzny DDS & Associates offer sedation dentistry as a safe and effective option for many dental procedures. Carrie Muzny DDS & Associates are licensed by the American Dental Association and provide a diverse range of sedation treatments for those who experience anxiety toward their dental procedures. The sedation options range from mild, to moderate, to deep sedation. The choice is completely up to you according to your level of dental anxiety.

Sedation Options Are Available

Mild sedation uses the common technique involving the use of “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) and is typically used for patients with low anxiety levels or those who are receiving light dental work. In this form of sedation, you are conscious, but the medication places you in a deep state of relaxation. This feeling wears off soon after taking off the mask.

The next level of sedation is the moderate form in which the medicine is taken in pill form. Your dentist will prescribe you the medication prior to your appointment then you simply take the pill before coming to the office. This medication puts you in an even deeper state of relaxation and is to treat patients who need extensive, more complicated procedures done.

Although you are conscious during this sedation, driving is not encouraged being that the medication takes longer to wear off than the mild version. The patient will be required to bring a spouse or friend along with them for this procedure.

Dental phobia is a real dilemma and is acknowledged by the dental community. With that in mind, Carrie Muzny DDS and Associates have chosen to offer the deepest form of sedation for patients who suffer from this fear. Patients who choose to undergo this type of sedation will be put to sleep during the procedure. Once awake, patients will have little to no memory of the procedure.

Let Us Give You the Smile of your Dreams

Sedation dentistry removes the fear and anxiety associated with dental work. Get ready to smile confidently and boldly! The experienced dentists at Carrie Muzny DDS & Associates can help improve the appearance of your smile with our highly effective smile makeovers. We offer an array of cosmetic dental procedures including teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic bonding, tooth implants, and much more. We will work closely with you to design a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget and gives you the smile you’ve always wished for.

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