Pros And Cons Of Ceramic Braces

Pros And Cons Of Ceramic Braces

May 20, 2021

Ceramic braces are quite similar to metal braces in function, but visually they are quite different. Ceramic braces use clear or tooth-colored brackets other than the metallic or gray colored wires and brackets that you may be more used to seeing.

More and more people are opting for ceramic braces as they are not as noticeable as traditional metal braces and offer a huge advantage for those who don’t want to call attention to their teeth or feel a little self-conscious about needing braces at all.

Like any new technological innovation, there are pros and cons, which will be detailed below. Read on to see how ceramic braces measure up to their metallic and clear (Invisalign) counterparts.

Pros of ceramic braces

  • Less visible than metal braces. The ceramic material is usually clear or tooth-colored.
  • Faster at straightening teeth than Invisalign. Though Invisalign does taut a clear look, they cannot be used to treat malocclusion (poor bite) or more severe cases of misalignment. Invisalign can also take a full year to see even a slight change in teeth alignment. With ceramic braces, there are NO restrictions for severity of teeth misalignment and after 18-36 months, ceramic braces will have fully straightened your teeth. 
  • Won’t affect imaging tests. Metal braces can affect signals when getting imaging tests done. Ceramic braces do not disturb these signals.
  • More comfortable than metal. Orthodontic patients generally find ceramic braces more comfortable to wear than metal ones. The high-quality materials aren’t abrasive, so they won’t irritate your gums or the sides of your mouth (a common complaint for metal braces wearers.)
  • Won’t demineralize tooth enamel. Since ceramic braces are newer, the technology used to develop their bonding material is the best of the best and it won’t demineralize tooth enamel.
  • Let your artistic side show. If you don’t want the clear or tooth-colored option, with ceramic braces, you can make the brackets any color you want, so you can have a whole rainbow in your mouth if you are feeling creative!

Cons of ceramic braces

  • More expensive than their metal counterparts. With ceramic braces, you will see yourself paying more for aesthetics, as prices are about $1000 to $2000 more than the traditional metal prices. Check with your insurance to see how much they cover, as you may get full coverage and price may not be an issue.
  • Less durable. Ceramic braces can come loose or fracture if the wearer is very active and plays sports or other impactful activities. You will want to remain aware of this and wear them accordingly.
  • May cause gum sensitivity if not cleaned properly. Since ceramic brackets are larger than metal ones, it can be harder to clean around them. This may lead to swollen or receding gums if you aren’t vigilant when brushing.
  • They may stain. The elastic ties that hold the wire to the brackets have the ability to stain easily and will remain that way until they are replaced, so—again—you will want to be vigilant about keeping them clean.

Tips for taking care of ceramic braces

  1. Brush and floss regularly. It is recommended that you brush after eating as this will help remove any food that could otherwise collect and stain your teeth.
  2. Avoid foods that could stain your teeth. Coffee and tea are two of the biggest culprits when it comes to stains, so make sure to brush or rinse after drinking these beverages.
  3. Avoid smoking. Any dentist will tell you that smoking is awful for your teeth when it comes to staining, not to mention very bad for your overall health as well. 
  4. See your orthodontist regularly for any replacements or adjustments you may need.

Braces not only help give you a beautiful smile, but they also serve a very valuable medical purpose by helping straighten and fix crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth. Misaligned teeth often come with other oral health issues, so addressing orthodontic issues with braces is important for the longevity of your oral health.

Ceramic braces are a fantastic option for those looking to correct a myriad of tooth or jaw alignment issues. Having the option for a less visible form of braces is great for anyone who is a little self-conscious about the look or stigma of traditional metal braces. On the other hand, ceramic braces give the wearer many options if they decide to show off their wonderful smile. 

Looking forward to a straighter smile in your future?

At Carrie Muzny DDS, we will take the time to help you enjoy your dental visit. From the moment you arrive to when you leave, our staff will be there to answer any questions and give you the service and care you and your smile deserve.

Ready to take a step towards a healthier and straighter smile? Do you want straighter teeth but don’t want to deal with a “metal mouth?” Ceramic braces may be the solution for you! 

Give us a call and we’ll answer your questions, explain expectations, and help you schedule your appointment. Interested in learning more about us? Visit our contact page for directions and to learn more today!

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