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Help! What To Do When Veneers Fall Off?

May 21, 2024

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells designed to match your natural teeth to achieve a more even and aesthetically pleasing smile. These shells are permanently bonded to your natural teeth and help to fill gaps, change the natural tooth’s shape and appearance, and create a whiter smile. Even though veneers are supposed to remain durable for years and years, veneers can occasionally become loose or fall off.

There are a few different reasons why this happens, and it is important to know what to do and how to handle it when a veneer detaches.

Common Reasons Veneers Fall Off

Time and Use

Veneers are meant to last a long time—anywhere between 10 and 20 years—but this doesn’t mean they will last forever. Over long periods of time and use, the adhesive may slowly start to detach from the teeth, leaving the veneer more susceptible to falling off the natural tooth.

Grinding or Jaw Clenching

It is common for people to clench their jaws or grind their teeth without even being aware of it. This is especially common during sleep and can cause jaw pain and damage to teeth over time. People who struggle with bruxism are much more likely to damage their veneers because of the added stress, causing them to fall off.

Cavities or Tooth Decay

Your veneers fall off more easily when you have developed cavities or tooth decay. The lack of teeth from these issues impacts the veneer from properly adhering. Additionally, if your gums begin to recede, your veneers may be more susceptible to falling off because of a poor fit.

Incorrect or Inadequate Adhesive

When you first fitted your veneers, you may have had an incorrect adhesive or an inadequate amount used initially, which can impact how long your veneers will last. Veneers are supposed to last 10 to 20 years when the proper amount of adhesive is used. If this is the main reason your veneers have detached, you should seek another reputable cosmetic dentist to switch to rather than having the veneers attached by the same dentist.

Steps To Take When A Porcelain Veneer Falls Off

After expecting your veneer to last you a long time, it can be surprising when it falls off. While this is a rare occurrence, it does happen – but it doesn’t necessarily mean the veneer is ruined. If you can handle the situation correctly, a cosmetic dentist may be able to reattach your veneer. 

Store the Veneer Properly

When a veneer falls off, it’s essential to handle it properly to ensure the success of reattaching it. Unlike natural teeth, you should not keep a loose veneer in your mouth. You should remove it as quickly as possible and keep as many pieces as possible if they have been broken into multiple pieces. If you accidentally swallow the veneer or any part of it, there is no need to worry, as the material is non-toxic and will pass safely through your system. 

To store the veneer safely, gently clean and dry it. Although the material itself is strong, the veneer is very thin and prone to breaking easily. Place the dry veneer in a hard-sided container with padding to protect it from damage.

Make An Appointment With Your Dentist

When a veneer falls out, you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist. While it is not necessarily considered a dental emergency, you can make the office staff aware of what has happened to make your appointment more of a priority, considering your natural tooth will be exposed. If your veneer is in good shape, the dentist may be able to remove any old adhesive, sanitize it, and put the veneer back into place. If the veneer is damaged, your dentist might need to bond it later once a new veneer is made.

Protect Your Tooth

While you wait for your dentist appointment, you will want to take extra care of your sensitive, exposed tooth. When veneers are attached, a thin layer of your natural tooth’s enamel is removed before adhering to the veneer. To help with your tooth’s sensitivity, make sure to avoid very hot or cold beverages or foods. If the sensitivity is too intense or if the texture of the tooth is distracting, you can use dental wax to cover the tooth to protect it.

Ask Questions At Your Appointment

It is important to determine why your veneer fell off. If it is just a matter of age, then the veneers should be able to be reattached with no issues. But if a veneer has fallen off because of detrimental tooth health, tooth grinding, or clenching, you may need to discuss different treatments that will help prevent any further veneer damage in the future.

Veneers And Cosmetic Dentistry By Dr. Muzny

If you are considering veneers, you’ll want to find a reputable cosmetic dentist in your area for a perfect fit paired with quality work for durability and longevity. If you have had a veneer fall off and are looking for a fix or a new cosmetic dentist, the offices of Carrie Muzny D.D.S. offer many different services, including new veneer placement and maintenance. We offer virtual consultations and in-person appointments at our office in The Woodlands. We help clients from Benders Landing, Woodforest, Spring, and North Houston to the Conroe/Montgomery area.

Contact us today to schedule an online consultation or visit our office.

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