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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth It?

September 7, 2022

Have you dreamed of having a brighter smile? Tooth discoloration or stained teeth are a common problem and can affect the look of your smile. Teeth whitening is an excellent way to brighten your smile and improve self-confidence.

Maybe you have even tried DIY teeth whitening products; however, there is a significant difference between store-bought teeth whitening kits and going to a professional dentist who utilizes higher quality products and techniques.

We have compiled a list of the top reasons and benefits of choosing professional teeth whitening to help create the smile of your dreams.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

1. It Is The Safest Option

When you go to an experienced cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening treatment, it is much safer. The dentist can monitor the progress and adjust as needed should you have any issues, such as extreme sensitivities or other types of discomfort.

Some types of discoloration may not respond to teeth whitening treatments, and an experienced dentist can guide you through this to ensure you mitigate the risk of dental damage and save you time and money.

2. It Is Faster

A cosmetic dentist will most likely be able to have your teeth pearly white after just one visit, and it is so fast you could even have it done during your lunch break. If you have a special event coming up quickly, professional teeth whitening is the perfect choice to ensure your smile is ready to shine!

Professional teeth whitening works much faster than products you can buy online or over the counter that you may need to use for weeks or even months before seeing any noticeable results.

3. The Products Are Stronger And More Thorough

Dentists offer professional strength whitening products that are much more robust than over-the-counter products. Professional whitening treatments can remove stubborn stains and are more thorough, which means the treatments last much longer, saving you money in the long run.

4. It Offers A Personalized Treatment

Our mouths are different, and the one size fits all approach to teeth whitening is not the most effective. With professional teeth whitening, the dentist can adjust the product strength, tray, or type of product depending upon the patient’s needs. Over-the-counter whitening options may be unbalanced

Leaving some people with perfectly white teeth as a result and others still having a fair amount of staining on their teeth.

Professional whitening treatments you can get with your dentist may also use custom-made trays that fit your mouth perfectly and sometimes may be taken home for “top-up” treatments. These trays will protect your teeth and gums from coming in contact with the whitening product.

5. It Ensures Proper Product Use

A dentist experienced with teeth whitening procedures will ensure that no bleaching agents get on your gums, that the gel is not left on the teeth for too long, and avoid damage to the enamel. Leaving the product on too long may increase tooth sensitivity. Your dentist can also recommend the best teeth whitening product to suit your needs.

6. You Have More Control Over The Final Results

Another great benefit of choosing professional teeth whitening is that you can decide how white you want your teeth to be and talk with your dentist to determine the best approach to get the desired results.

When you purchase a teeth whitening product at the store, it is a one size fits all approach, and you have very little control over how much whiter your teeth will become.

7. Expert Advice

Whitening your teeth can dramatically affect your smile, and whether you have tried it before or are new to the process, it is common to have questions about the best teeth whitening products. Working with an experienced dentist will save you time and money and ensure you get the best teeth whitening product the first time to achieve the results you desire. 

Your dentist will check your teeth to ensure they will not be adversely affected and that there are no significant issues that might influence the teeth whitening procedure. Once your teeth are checked, you will be on your way to having a whiter, brighter smile!

8. The Treatments Last Longer

Professional whitening treatment will have longer-lasting results than in-store or online kits. Sometimes, depending on the type of treatment you and your dentist choose, you may have the opportunity to take home a maintenance kit, allowing you to maintain the desired color of your teeth.

9. Beautiful Smile And Improved Confidence

Once your teeth are whitened professionally, you will feel better about your bright smile and notice an improvement in your confidence in many situations, including work-related activities, social engagements, and special events.

Are You Ready To Have A Brighter Smile?

At Carrie Muzny DDS, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment to make your smile bright and brilliant. Our highly skilled team provides comprehensive dental care for adults and children; whether you need restorative dental work, dental implants, surgical procedures, or care for your oral health, we are here to help you. We proudly serve The Woodlands and surrounding areas. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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