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I Don’t Have Wisdom Teeth, Should I Be Worried?

May 9, 2022

If you were born without any wisdom teeth, you are not alone. Depending on your age, you may still have time before they erupt, as many don’t appear until late teens or early twenties sometimes.

This article will go over the most important information about wisdom teeth to give you a quick but comprehensive guide while discussing the risks and rewards associated with having and removing wisdom teeth.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last adult teeth to erupt the mouth. Most people will have four wisdom teeth total at the back of their mouth, with two on the top, two on the bottom. Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, come at the time called the “age of wisdom”, between the ages 17 and 25. They are the last teeth to erupt at the very back of the mouth, and many times, they don’t have enough room to grow properly thus extraction is likely in most cases of wisdom teeth coming in.

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Around 35% of people are born without any wisdom teeth at all while 25% of the world population is born with 1 to 3 wisdom teeth. There are two main reasons why some individuals have no wisdom teeth:

1) Impacted or dormant. Some wisdom teeth are actually in the person’s mouth, but have yet to erupt. Wisdom teeth may never erupt if they are impacted, and may remain dormant in the jawbone for many years.

2) Genetics. The reason behind the person’s lack of wisdom teeth can be found in their actual genes and you may find that either one of your parents or both or even your grandparents may have been missing these same teeth. A study carried out by Princeton University shows evolution has a large role to play in the absence of wisdom teeth.

Should I Worry If I Have No Wisdom Teeth?

The lack of wisdom teeth is common enough these days that you do not need to worry if you are born without any third molars. The lack of any wisdom teeth will not hinder any chewing, biting, talking or other mouth activity. In fact, having no wisdom teeth means you can skip getting them removed.

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can become a little bothersome if they become impacted in the mouth. Having impacted wisdom teeth means that there is not enough space in your mouth for them to grow out in a normal position. They can also erupt in an odd angle and with poor positioning can come infection and pain.

Since wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean than regular teeth they can become decayed over time and even affect adjacent teeth. There’s also a study that attributes crowding of the teeth to wisdom teeth however this is cause for heated debate in the dental world and there is evidence to prove otherwise.

Reasons to Get Wisdom Teeth Out

1. Your wisdom teeth do not fit in your mouth. Many people do not have enough room in their jaw for 4 extra teeth, and this can cause wisdom teeth to become impacted. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent an impacted and overcrowded jaw.

2. You experience chronic pain. Pain in your gums can be an indication of an infection. Infections like pericoronitis are common around partially erupted wisdom teeth because food and bacteria get trapped in these areas. Having your wisdom teeth removed can prevent further infection.

3. Your wisdom teeth do not come in straight. Wisdom teeth often will not grow in your mouth straight and can shift and move over time.

4. Your wisdom teeth are causing tooth decay. Wisdom teeth can be hard to keep clean and Flossing and brushing can be challenging due to their position in the mouth. This difficulty can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Removing the wisdom teeth can help prevent cavities and other issues.

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